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Meet Isosceles!

The inspiration behind a new children's book by Kevin J Meehan

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A whimsical and fun story for children of all ages


Recent Reviews

Grandma Ideas

 "I think that kids will get a hoot from it. I know my grandkids would!"

 National Association of

Baby Boomer women

"Readers and their friends are given a gorgeous treat: the opportunity to share in Isosceles’ highly entertaining day, which he spends with his friends, who include a mole, a moose and a mouse. !"

Baby Book Worms

"This heartwarming story will teach compassion, kindness and the importance of having good friends and living a healthy life"

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All about Isosceles

Isosceles was neglected, and likely abused for his first 3 years of life in Wyoming. He had not been allowed to enter the house and had to endure, day in and day out, outdoor temperatures down to -20F. He shared this miserable life with his sister, both isolated from any type of human affection. It was said that schoolchildren would feel sorry for them and pet them before and after school. The dogs were given up for adoption when their owners moved out.  The day they were found abandoned, and in a state of anxiety and fear, Isosceles was brutally separated form his sister and taken to an adoption center.  

The very first day he entered the adoption center, he was rescued by the author.  For the first time in his short life, Isosceles was introduced to a house, a warm bed, outdoors beyond an isolated cold backyard, and homemade food.

With unconditional love and patience, Isosceles was nurtured back to health and started to experience innumerable adventures with his new friends, wandering in the woods and interacting with nature. This book is about one day in his new, lovely life, full of magic and fun with the special relationships he has with his friends

"With the eyes of child we learn how to see"!

Kevin Meehan

Author & Illustrator

As a child, the author experienced a similar life condition as Isosceles.  Not having much of a home, love or sense of protection and safety, he has a very special understanding of Isosceles' early years. As a diplomat of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and an integrative health care practitioner for almost three decades, he recognizes the importance of the compassion essential in helping others; people and animals.  The author's commitment to helping animals and humans, coupled with his passion for biochemistry, led him to design a unique, patented line of canine orthomolecular supplements to nurture dogs back to health in a natural way.

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More from the author:

Seeing the World through the eyes of a Child

      The concept for Isosceles' Day is based upon the innocence we humans frequently have as children; often lost as we become educated with passing years. I wanted to capture the essence of seeing animals possible interactions removed from our common sense of reality. Instead of a linear story traditionally told, I introduced silly, fun, whimsical behaviors and interactions of our domesticated pets with unusual friends not normally seen in an ordinary story. I feel that in many was I was able to achieve this; primarily through the illustrations.

     I feel that literature is often times restricted to a variety of things; the culture in which it was developed, the education of the reader and the direction the author wants to lead the reader in. We have often heard the term "lost in translation", applying to a translated written format from one language to another. The original meaning of the text has an opportunity of being misunderstood from one culture to another. My personal thought is that nothing is lost with a visual illustration. It can be observed by someone from Asia and another person from Norway without any fragment "torn" from its original proposal. I really don't feel this is entirely possible with many forms of literature.

     My opinion is any form of material conveyed in a format for the "educated reader" is restrictive in itself, removing those of little or no education, such as young children, from engaging in the printed material. I have some experience in this as I have authored many scientific monographs, research papers, and patent applications in the medical field which is a challenge to grasp for those who have no education in science or medicine. They are often left excluded from experiencing the premise of the subject. I wanted this book to abandon traditional restraints we sometimes put on our imaginations as we grow up and lose our playfulness. I wanted to allow the reader of any age to enjoy the journey into the child which lies within all of us. 

     Lastly, I did not want a plot as I did not want to direct the reader in any direction other than the one they wish to take themselves; how they may desire to experience their own pet's activities beyond their visual observation.

     As this is first in children's books for me, I hope that this brings smiles to children's faces as well as recaptures the eyes of a child to the "playful minded adults".

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